Karen McCarthy and Kathleen Stubbings met at Crufts, NEC Birmingham, in 2007.  Kathleen was stewarding for the International Freestyle Final and had seen that Karen was representing New Zealand.  So she bounced straight up to her and introduced herself saying “my brother lives in New Zealand!”.  So history was made and the two became friends with a love for the sport of Heelwork to Music as it’s known in the UK.

There are two divisions in this Sport: Heelwork and Freestyle.  There are Kennel Club (KC) licensed competitions all over the UK from Southampton up to Scotland and across from Wales to Kent.  To do these KC competitions the dog has to be either a KC listed pedigree, or registered (paying a joining fee) to be on the Activities Register.  Training clubs for the Sport are also dotted around the UK.

In 2015 Kathleen approached Karen about starting a business together and Dog Dancing Ltd was formed, specialising in teaching Heelwork to Music & Freestyle with the use of clicker training.  Our approach to learning is fun for the dogs as well as the handlers with the health & safety of both being a priority!  Little people and big people can both learn this Sport and it doesn’t matter what size or type of dog you have.

Our business is different because we will not only teach you how to train your dog to dance, but we will show you how to put a routine together through interpretation of the music and choreographing moves.  It also doesn’t matter where you are in the World as you will learn online!  We have produced a Choreography & Performance Scheme, breaking the learning down into manageable biz size chunks, stringing those chunks together, ending in a routine which matches competition KC standards of performance.  All you have to do is spend time with your dog and learn at your own pace.  The scheme is also adaptable to be used by disabled people who have difficulty with learning or mobility.

We also hold our own competitions, three times a year in the south of England (at the present time), for people who haven’t, or don’t want to register their dog with the Kennel Club, as well as the seasoned KC competitor.

All our business profits will be going to dog Charities, so that’s another reason to learn with us, because you know your money is going to help dogs who are in need!